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Amrita Sarkar
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Dipankar Sarkar

This will change, as does the universe.

How did we start?

India is a rich country when it comes to human capital and is home to diverse cultures and traditions. If you have ever visited India, you would not miss the different types of traditional art and handloom still breathing in the country for centuries. Being fond of art since childhood, even in my adulthood I would not miss a chance to experience the precious gifts of traditional art.
The Government of India in its efforts to support a more inclusive society promotes such tribal and folk artisans through expos. At one such expo, I met Tulsi, a tribal artist hailing from Madhya Pradesh. I was intrigued by her work on the Gond style of painting. Moreover, she and her brother Anil were exhibiting her artwork in experimental mediums like T-shirts and apparel. I was inspired and wanted one of my walls to adorn art by a Gond artist.
That’s where the magic happened a few weeks later we called Anil from Madhya Pradesh, he stayed with us for three days and painted a wall mural. He had the creative freedom to tell folklore through his art. Now I not only have tribal art painted on my wall but also a way to help build a more inclusive society. From then on, I have met several artists who work with ceramic, terracotta, metal, marble, wood, black clay, wool, canvas, and many other materials to create beautiful home décor pieces. We want to help grow their business and make handcrafted art & culture of different communities accessible to everyone across the globe specially for the interior decorator businesses.