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Sourcing can get overwhelming.

Apart from creative ideation and alignment with the client
The differentiating factor between a good and the best interior decorator
lies in the ability to create the client's vision.

Limited options or Specific Requirement

Your imagination is somewhat constrained if you are unable to provide your client several possibilities for a home décor project. Finding a specific match for a client's needs might occasionally be like searching for a needle in a haystack.

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Over Budget

Staying true to the client's vision within budget is always challenging, either the quality gets compromised or the budger overshoots.

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Missing Delivery Date

What a nightmare it can be to miss a deadline. We've all been there, and don't want to revisit that feeling.

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Vendor Management

Finding multiple vendors for one item to get the best price or to maintain vendor relations across projects and across various items is a big task.

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Purchase and Shipment

Even if everything gets sourced right, the worry of the product reaching you or genuineness of the vendor or the issue with logistics are setbacks which put unnecessary pressure on the project.

Our awesome features

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